PR Ponderings

– Isn’t it amazing that some people speak as if they are an authority on subjects, they know nothing about?

– How can you tell when a liar is not lying?

– If you will not take the time or make the effort to find out the real truth for yourself… be careful who you let do your thinking for you.

– Here’s a polite and courteous suggestion:  Treat emails as a conversation.  When someone sends you an email, do the courteous and respond, even if it is just a “thank you”.

– When someone says…“It’s just business”… it is just a poor excuse for acting badly.

– The trouble with a hysterical fool is that they attracted more hysterical fools!

– Don’t confuse your self interest as a benefit to mankind.

– Rewriting history does not change history.

– You may not like our history, the people, or their actions, but if it were not for that history… you might not even be here.

– Bureaucrats will blindly follow whatever set of rules they are told to follow even if doing so leads them to take completely illogical or patently nonsensical actions.

– Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully.

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